General Safety

Our Indoor Scullers Design Increases Safety for the User


At Rowperfect, we are absolutely committed to making the Indoor Sculler the best

and the safest rowing machine in the world

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and we refuse to compromise on quality and safety

Dynamic Mainframe

  • Significant reduction in head movement results in less brain shake
  • Significant reduction in change of energy within the rowers body – less shear force on spinal disks (video)
  • Balances Hamstring & Quad

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  • The 17kg Floating Mainframe reduces the inertial forces at the beginning and end of each stroke because the rower’s body speed is six times slower than on a fixed rowing machine.

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Limited Tilt Seat

The Rowperfect seat is balanced on rollers and can tilt up to 7 degrees either side.

This tilt alerts the rower that they are loading the seat unevenly; the rower’s sense of balance engages the core in order to sit symmetrically – as would occur in a scull balanced on the water


  • An added benefit: equal loading on both sides of the spinal column becomes automatic, further reducing the potential for injury which has already been substantially mitigated by the dynamic, 17kg resistance mechanism.
  • Core muscles are strengthened due to persistent stimulus to engage them. This provides support and protection for the lower back as well as contributing to general body strength and posture, so the benefit lasts well beyond the rowing session.

Handle Takeoff Point

The Handle Takeoff Point is the height from which the user pulls the handle – how much higher it is than the top of the seat. The height of the Handle Takeoff Point on the Indoor Sculler encourages a strong, neutral spinal posture. A low takeoff point puts a lot of pressure on the lumbar spine: by effectively pulling upwards from the lower point, it’s almost impossible for the rower to avoid flexing the lumbar spine, exposing the lumbar disks to excessive stress and injury.

Foot Straps

The lack of a toe strap removes the temptation to pull back with the toes and upper foot. Pulling back on a toe strap strains the hip flexors and flexes the lumbar spine – a weakened position creating the potential for injury.

The low strap position across the top of the ankle encourages the use of the heel to draw ‘down’ and pull the frame back to the rower.  This maintains the core strength as well as utilising the glutes and hamstrings to return the frame.

We’ve gone to great lengths to keep straps rather than plastic click-in “shoes” on the Indoor Sculler. Besides being better and safer, they teach users to row smoothly and safely – they also allow people who have slightly different foot sizes or shin lengths (far more common than you may think) to make small adjustments for comfort, rather than compulsory 1.25cm jumps in heel height.

Straps may take a minute to get used to, but the benefits last a lifetime.

Rowperfect Footstraps – A Testimonial

Mike Hawkins

Last night I put a group of social rowers on the Rowperfect. For months and months I’ve been telling them to pull the boat towards them during recovery by pulling the backs of their heels against the heel cups. Because the strap system on the Rowperfect required them to use their heels that way, the penny dropped and they put it to effect on the quad which they took out after getting off the machine. They all noticed how much better and how more relaxed their row was as a result.


I didn’t ask themthey spontaneously spoke about it when they came ashore.

Personal Physical Safety

  • Ensure that it is not dangerous for you to undertake strenuous exercise. Consult your physician!
  • Always warm up properly. e.g. Rowing easily for 5-10 mins at a pulse frequency of 120-130 strokes per minute.
  • Although the unit easily permits it, do not row at a higher stroke rate than you would normally be capable of rowing in a boat.

Be aware

The Indoor Sculler simulator has a number of moving parts.  In general, these parts are shielded and shrouded to mitigate the potential for injury due to deliberate or inadvertent mishandling.


  • remove any of the protective covers or screens.
  • introduce any part of the body into or under the moving mechanisms of the simulator.

Ensure the simulator is stored in a location where infants and children can not gain access and inadvertently set the simulator moving mechanisms into motion.

Indoor Sculler Mechanical Safety

  • Properly install the rowing simulator with the main bar at the correct inclination. Adjust the inclination when the front or rear leg is being touched by the mainframe or seat. This is done by slightly raising the end being touched.

(YouTube video on levelling)  I tried to find this video but failed sorry

  • The Rowperfect Indoor Sculler has not been designed for use in the vicinity of children. Keep children away when exercising.
  • Allow for 1m of clear space around the machine when in use
  • Keep spectators at more than arm’s length from the rotating flywheel and moving mainframe
  • Never touch the rotating flywheel and do not touch the mainframe when in use
  • Always pull the handle with 2 hands and do not bend, twist, kink the chain. Any abuse of the chain may result in injury.
  • Always place the handle into the handle hooks or against the plastic nose before letting go.
  • Never let the handle fly into the nose piece.
  • Wear reasonably fitted clothing & keep material clear of the seat rollers
  • Maintain you machine properly as recommended (see Maintenance links to where?)
  • Replace worn or defective parts before using the unit.

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